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Pollhost: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change some of the answers in a poll I created?

    Once you've created a poll, there's no way to change the question or any of the answers. You will need to create a new poll.

How do I put my poll on my site?

    After you design your poll, we will give you a standard HTML code, the language all websites are made up of. All that you need to do is paste this code anywhere in your website's source code. If you use online tools and/or software to design your site and are not familiar with HTML code, please contact your website provider to ask them how to add HTML code to your site.

I don't have access to my site's source code, can I still use your service?

    Yes, we now offer an option for you to instantly generate a page on Pollhost.com which will contain your poll box. Your poll will be immediately accessible on a randomly assigned URL such as xyz.pollhost.com, which you can simply place a link to on your site.

I added up the percentages in my poll, and it's not 100%, why is that?

    Because we round the numbers, it's possible that percentages will not add up to 100%.

Can I tell who voted for what in my poll?

    No, that is not possible.

How can people see the results of my poll without voting in it?

    When you generate your HTML code, there is an option of including a "View" button. If you did not originally include this, you may regenerate your code and place the new code on your site.

My poll doesn't have percentages, why not?

    If your poll allows multiple answers to be selected, the results page will be slightly different. It will not have percentages or a total number of votes listed, only the number of votes for each selection.

I have forgotten my password. Is there a way to retrieve it?

How can I change my username or password?

    To change your password, simply log into your account and click "Edit Contact Info." On that page, you will be able to choose a new password. However, there is no way to change your username. If you wish to change your username, you must create a new account.
Is there a way to delete my account?
I need to have more than 15 active polls. What can I do?
    Please feel free to create a second account.
I tried to vote in my poll and it said it is no longer active, why does it seem to have disappeared from my account?
    We periodically remove polls from our customers' accounts that have not received a vote in over 30 days. By removing polls that are not being used we are able to free up system resources for active customers.
I deleted a poll from my account but the poll is still on my site??
    In addition to deleting the poll through the Pollhost administration area, you must remove the code that you placed on your site. We did not place the poll code on your site and do not have access to remove it for you.

Your site created a page for me at xyz.pollhost.com with my poll on it. Can I edit that poll or put a new one there?

    No, such URLs are created one time only and cannot be edited or updated.
I created a Pollhost page with my poll box on it but I forgot the URL. Is there any way to retrieve it?
    The easiest option is to just create another page with a new URL. Each poll can have up to 10 pages, all customized however you like. If you really, really want to know the URL, try clicking the "Delete" link under the poll on the main page of the administration area, which will show a listing of the URLs about to be removed (remember not to delete your poll though!)

Why is this service free? I don't get it.

    Our service is provided free of charge in exchange for the advertisements that we place on your poll results pages. There will be no advertising placed on your site itself where you use the voting box, only a link back to Pollhost.com which we ask that you please leave in place.

Do you offer a paid version of Pollhost, without advertising?

    Yes. Our ad-free service is available now and very reasonably priced. Please log in to your Pollhost account for details.

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