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Pollhost: Features

Our features include:
  • Instant Account Creation
  • Up to 15 polls per account
  • Up to 20 answers for each poll
  • Choose whether to allow a single, or multiple answers

Each poll comes with multiple vote prevention, where we will attempt to limit a user to just one vote for the period you specify. When you create a poll, you can choose to allow a user to be able to vote once a day, once a week, once a month, or even once a year!

Our polls are very easy to use. Once you log into the administration area, you will see all of your current polls. From there you can create a new poll, delete a current poll, and view or reset the results of one of your current polls. When creating a new poll, you have a choice of whether you wish to allow a user to choose just one answer, or multiple answers to your question.

All that you need to have to use a Pollhost poll is a website. Once you've created your poll, we'll allow you to choose and customize one of our three voting boxes. We offer a tower voting box, a drop down menu/selection voting box, and a horizontal voting box.

After deciding which voting box you like, you get to choose your own font, font color, background color, and even the color for the bars on the results page of your poll.

Finally, you simply paste the customized HTML code or link that we provide you into your website.

You can even choose to create a code that will rotate multiple polls on your site. Select anywhere from one, to all of the polls in your account to be randomly shown on your website, and even add new polls to the rotation at any time.

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